Beetles & Bones: Care, Feeding and Use of Dermestid Beetles


Beetles & Bones: Care, Feeding, and Use of Dermestid Beetles by Rob Graves walks you through the ins and outs of acquiring, setting up, and using a colony of dermestid beetles for skeleton preparation.


This book is a must have for anybody interested in raising these amazing creatures, which museum curators and others have used in skeleton preparation for over a hundred years. In this easy to understand handbook, specialist Rob Graves discusses every aspect of starting, growing, and using a colony of flesh eating beetles / dermestid beetles.

With the aid of over two-dozen photos and illustrations, you will learn where to find or buy flesh eating beetles / dermestid beetles, how and where to keep them, what to feed them, and the optimal growing conditions to quickly raise a colony big enough to clean skulls and bones. You’ll also learn how to properly prepare skeletons for beetle cleaning, ways to put even a small colony to work right away, and European mounting techniques for your game head.

Beetles & Bones is the only resource where laypersons can quickly learn the key points and pitfalls of this unique and fascinating hobby. This mountain of valuable information in a single, understandable text makes this book worth its weight in gold!

5-1/2 x 8-1/2, soft cover, photos, illus., 44 pp.
ISBN 0-9774630-0-1
BNB – $19.95

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